Trunk supports minifying assets. This is disabled by default and can be controlled on various levels.

In any case, Trunk does not perform minification itself, but delegates the process to dependencies which do the actual implementation. In cases where minification breaks things, it will, most likely, be an issue with that dependency.

Starting with Trunk 0.20.0, minification is disabled by default. It can be turned on from the command line using the --minify (or -M) switch. Alternatively, it can be controlled using the build.minify field in the Trunk.toml file. The value of this field is an enum, with the following possible values: never (default, never minify), on_release (minify when running Trunk with --release), always (always minify).

When minification is enabled, all assets known to trunk (this excludes the copy-dir and copy-file opaque blobs to Trunk), will get minified. It is possible to opt out of this process on a per-asset basis using the data-no-minify attribute (see individual asset configuration). In this case, the asset will never get minified.