Trunk ships with a set of CLI commands to help you in your development workflows.


trunk build runs a cargo build targeting the wasm32 instruction set, runs wasm-bindgen on the built WASM, and spawns asset build pipelines for any assets defined in the target index.html.

Trunk leverages Rust's powerful concurrency primitives for maximum build speeds & throughput.


trunk watch does the same thing as trunk build, but also watches the filesystem for changes, triggering new builds as changes are detected.


trunk serve does the same thing as trunk watch, but also spawns a web server.


trunk clean cleans up any build artifacts generated from earlier builds.

config show

trunk config show prints out Trunk's current config, before factoring in CLI arguments. Nice for testing & debugging.

tools show

trunk tools show prints out information about tools required by trunk and the project. It shows which tools are expected and which are found.